Coachella’s Music

Coachella has been the West Coast’s premiere music festival for a decade and a half.” Coachella is not like any other festival; if you have the chance to go there you will meet your favorite celebrities, the news of you will be all over social media, you will see fashion trends and listen all day long to music. Not to mention you will enjoy the beautiful weather and the beauty of Palm Springs.

        Music is different in Coachella; a diverse range of artists across the world from the United States, England, Mexico, and Australia are there. Big hit artists and new artists perform there; Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, The Weekend, Kygo, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Sia, Lana Del Rey, Of Monsters and Men, Kanye and Rihanna. There are a number of bands such as, Years & Years, 1975, DANCE. The genres of music you can experience at this event vary; Rock music, Independent music, Hip-hop music, Indie music, Alternative music and Electronic dance music. Basically it is the right place to go to listen to the best kind of music.   


      Coachella is different from the annual Stagecoach Festival, which only has country music that takes place the following weekend. It is similar somehow with the annual festival Lollapalooza that features variety of music, but have a different experience. At Coachella you feel like you are in a different planet not just like any festivals. The music performance is all that people talk about, because of the stage presence/vibe, special guests/celebrities, and fashion. Moreover, it is different from the European music festivals in a sense that it is just about music, live shows,records and nothing else. And usually European festivals do not have camping sites. In the end if you ask anyone about Coachella, they would simply say it is a major life experience.



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