The “Coachella” Look

Many fashion trends are influenced and arrive through the world of music. These trends pop up and discretely work their way into our minds, allowing us to picture what type of clothes would be worn at particular music concerts or festivals. At a punk rock concert, we would typically imagine seeing a lot of black clothing, possibly ripped, and possibly with little metal spikes. This is the fashion look associated with this particular genre of music. Over time, it has also been common to associate fashion trends with certain music festivals, and Coachella is just one example of this. Without much difficulty, a number of people can imagine what type of clothing they would expect to see at this event. Some clothing items that may have come to mind are high-waisted shorts, white lace crop tops, and a fashionable sandal. Accessories, such as the flower crown, have also been widely associated with the Coachella music festival. This sort of “indie” look has become widely associated with this famous music festival, especially as the amount of indie bands and music that preform there has grown.

Clothing stores encourage these looks by advocating their own clothing items that fall under a festival clothing category. Forever21 is a popular women’s clothing store that displayed the latest festival looks and outfits on their website, encouraging customers to buy their clothes for a music festival they may be attending. Many of the outfits they displayed showed exactly what I described above as being the “Coachella” look. The outfits displayed were denim shorts and a stylish white top, many of which were of lace material. Clothing stores expanding their products to include a “festival” category shows just how connected music and fashion are to each other.


Many do not notice just how influential music is on fashion. Many of us can think of certain genres and associate certain looks or fashion styles with these genres. This is the same idea behind the “Coachella look”. Fashion and music are two entirely separate industries, yet they are very connected at the same time. The music industry has set a number of fashion trends that have become widely known and popular, the “Coachella look” being just one example of this.


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