James Bay Interview

  1. How did you get to where you are now?

I was still writing when I got signed. I still hadn’t written enough to convince a record label I was worth signing and I still had some carving to do of what I am and my sound, which I think I’m continuously doing. You know the great thing about getting signed in my name in particular is it generates something and gets that ball rolling and really gets it out in the intimate and gets it out playing and get out touring and do loads of support stuff so I really am thankful for the fact.”

  1.     How do you get from place to place when you are traveling around for your performances?

“There’s a tour bus and there’s hotel rooms as well which is a nice little quiet place. In a tour bus there are quiet little corners I can find that are a little conducive to being creative and coming up with ideas.”

  1.     Do you have any underlying goals that you try to convey to your listeners?

“All I try to do is create things that I get excited about and others feel the same.”

  1.  What inspires you and the music you create?

“I’m not really inspired by the bubble gum pop stuff, I’m more about Bruce Springsteen and people like that so I want to be for the people who have elbow grease and muscle about within this crazy music industry.”

  1. Are your performances fairly consistent throughout or do you try to change things up a bit every time?

“Everything is specific and individual to each venue each night and therefore different every night and I kind of pride myself on that being the thing that I’m bringing to this tour and I bring to every tour.”

  1. What is something new people will see at your upcoming performance at Coachella?

I just added a guitarist to the group to the band. I’m a big guitar player myself and there’s a lot of subtle and not so subtle guitar parts in the album that weren’t quite being to the fully played with a four piece. Playing some more guitar creates a bigger sound in that sense so we stripped a few things away and added the guitar parts. The sound gets a bit bigger and a bit more interesting.”

Interview quotes used from: http://www.musictimes.com/articles/54746/20151116/james-bay-interview-sam-smith-george-ezra-chaos-calm.htm


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